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One of the goals of the EuroPlanet Society is to incorporate the Amateur Collective into the Planetary Science Community and promote Pro-Am collaborations. To do this, in addition to facilitating membership in the EuroPlanet Society, it is necessary to know which people and groups have an active interest and / or are working in any of the different areas of planetary sciences.

This is undoubtedly a desirable requirement if it is intended to connect them with each other and also with the rest of the sectors involved in their respective fields of interest. For this, we invite you to fill out this questionnaire, whose sole purpose is to respond to the objectives stated here.

Regardless of whether or not you become a member of the EuroPlanet Society, we understand that filling in the referred form should be interesting, not only for the EuroPlanet Society, but especially for all of you who are immersed by hobby, by active work, or in some other way in any from the fields of planetary sciences. From the information that this survey reflects, it will be possible to establish collaboration networks that should facilitate and enhance your work in the face of individualized or isolated actions.



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