The Europlanet Spain & Portugal Hub, is the Iberian node of the Europlanet Society. Its main objective is to support the Spanish and Portuguese planetary science community, with >400 planetary researchers and engineers, promoting the collaboration between all scientific and technology development institutions and research groups, reinforcing the participation of Iberian scientists and engineers in national and international space research programmes.

The Europlanet Spain & Portugal Hub Coordination Committee is composed by:

  • Chair: A. Cardesín Moinelo (ESAC)
  • Vice-Chairs: R. Hueso (UPV) / P. Machado (IA-Lisbon)
  • Secretary: S. Fernández Menéndez (UniOvi)
  • EPS Board Representative: J. De Leon (IAC)
  • EPS Research Infr. Rep.: F. Gómez-Gómez (CAB)
  • Representative Spain: P. Benavidez (UA)
  • Early Career SP: D. Morate (CEFCA Teruel)
  • Policy Officer SP: C. García Sacristán (EEA, Madrid)
  • Industry Officer SP: A. Catalán (PAE, Madrid)
  • Outreach & Comm. SP: J. Á. Vaquerizo (ISDEFE) 
  • Representative Portugal: E. Delgado Mena (IA-U Porto)
  • Early Career PT: D. Espadinha (IA Lisbon)
  • Policy & Industry Officer PT: Marta Gonçalves (PT Space, Lisbon)
  • Outreach & Comm. PT: Joao Retre (IA, Lisbon)
  • Amateur Community : J. Álvaro (FAAE/AstroCuenca)
  • Diversity Officer: L. Parro (UA) / M. Ruiz-Perez (CAB)
  • Space Ethics: S. Pérez-Hoyos / J. Hdez-Bernal (UPV)
  • Instrumentation & Tech. Dev.: A. Moral-Inza (INTA)
  • IberoAmerica: P. Benavides, A. Cardesin, R. Duffard, D. Morate 

Contact: spainportugal (at)

The Europlanet Society is an international association with the purpose of promoting planetary sciences, solar system exploration and any other related field for the benefit of the planetary science and technology development community, by encouraging the creation of new knowledge, promoting education, stimulating innovation, and enhancing accessibility and transparency. The Society is the parent body of the Europlanet Scientific Congress (EPSC), the largest annual meeting on planetary science in Europe.