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Splinter Online Meetings in the EPSC 2021

As many of you know September will have another edition of the Europlanet Science Congress which runs as a Virtual Meeting from 13 to 24 September online at

This meeting has a strong amateur astronomy session organized in the last few years by Marc Delcroix with co-conveners well known in this list such as John H. Rogers and talks given by both amateurs and professionals. Most of these talks will be later available online on Vimeo for wider diffusion.

I would like to announce and advertise a set of Splinter Online Meetings organized during this meeting and directly focused into professional and amateur collaborations. These splinter events DO NOT require registration in the EPSC meeting and will be held as a set of Zoom meetings with prominent speakers from the amateur and professional side. They will also have time for questions and open discussion. Please find bellow details of these events which you are all cordially invited to participate if they fit in your schedule. Recordings of the sessions will also be made available after the meeting but please come and join us in these topics with our speakers and join in the discussions.

EPSC 2021 Professional and Amateur Splinter Workshops


SMW2: Pro-Am collaborations (I): Juno's Extended Mission at Jupiter

Time: Sept. 17, 2021 - 17:30 Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Wien
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Meeting ID: 875 5695 2793 Passcode: 985567

Detailed program:

* Introduction - Ricardo Hueso (UPV/EHU)
* Juno Extended mission – Shawn Brueshaber (JPL)
* New JunoCam Views of Jupiter – Candice Hansen (LPI)
* HST /OPAL observations of Jupiter- Amy A. Simon (NASA Goddard)
* Jupiter atmosphere from 2016 to 2021 – John  H. Rogers (BAA)
* Jupiter landscapes from Voyager to Juno – Björn Jòhnson


SMW3: Pro-AM collaborations (II): JWST and the exploration of Giant Planets
Time: Sep 24, 2021 - 17:25 Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Wien(16:25 London)
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Meeting ID: 893 7486 8296 Passcode: 240591

Detailed program:

* Introduction – Leigh. N. Fletcher (University of Leicester)
* Gas Giants and the JWST –
Leigh. N. Fletcher (University of Leicester)
* Ice giant variability– Mike Roman
(University of Leicester)
* Neptune's amateur observations – Marc Delcroix (SAAF)
* Amateur spectroscopy of Uranus and Neptune – Christopher Pellier
* Challenges of Ice Giant imaging 
– Anthony Wesley 


SMW5: Pro-AM collaborations (III): The Europlanet Telescope Network and the ExoClock project
Time: Sept. 22, 2021  - 18:30 Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Wien
Join Zoom meeting:
Meeting-ID: 912 9591 3963 Code: Eikta2

Detailed program:

* Introduction – Manuel Scherf (Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences)
* The Europlanet Telescope Network – Manuel Scherf (Space Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences)

* Fireballs collaboration – (speaker to be confirmed)
* Comets Pro-Am observations and collaborations – Helen Usher (BAA - Open University)
* Venus amateur observations: From BepiColombo’s flybys to Envision – Itziar Garate (UPV/EHU)
* ExoClock – Anastasia Kokori (UCL)
* Amateur observations of Exoplanets and ExoClock participation – Yves Jongen